Balmoral Furniture - Hand Crafted, Hand Finished Furniture in the Traditional Style

At Balmoral the finishing of our furniture is not one of machines and mass production, rather a story of age-old handcrafted techniques providing furniture today and heirlooms tomorrow. Each piece starts its life though the hands of a skilled cabinetmaker carefully designing and detailing each piece to suit its special use.

The veneers are selected, matched and prepared by hand. The skilled craftsman then guides each and every item though to its completed construction. After all the careful attention, the furniture is passed to our polishing department to add the final finish.

A 14 stage finishing process stain, filler, toner and glaze all contribute to the hand-coloured finish. Only with experienced hands of our craftsman do we achieve the finish that commands a gentle touch.

Our leather tops are covered with genuine leather, which is coloured, antiqued and tooled by hand. Each piece is hand polished, waxed and fitted with the finest brass handles before sending them to their awaited destination.

The Balmoral finish is one of beautiful colours and tones to enhance the selected woods in every piece. Our aim is to gently enhance what only time and nature can create to provide...

a lifetime of pleasure.


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